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Termite Inspection using Thermal Camera finds huge nest in Drewvale

Just last week a customer called Conquer Termites South Central in a panic! He was worried he had found termite mudding coming out of a window in the bathroom of his Drewvale property. Luckily we were able to shuffle around some not so urgent jobs and get out to the house that day. After an initial check we confirmed… [Continue Reading]

Thermal Image of Termite Nest

Termite Treatment – Algester – A Lovely Testimonial

We Would like to thank Nick Wood for his professional service and attention to detail when conducting the termite inspection and termite barrier treatment. We were interested in the barrier treatment as we understood the potential damage termites can bring to our property. Nick answered all our questions comprehensively and was very patient throughout the… [Continue Reading]

Termite Treatment - Algester

Customer Finds Termites in Wardrobe – Meadowbrook – 4133

Termites in Meadowbrook – 4133. It was a lovely day in Meadowbrook when I received a call from a customer wanting a termite inspection as they had just found termites (white ants) in the wardrobe. While conducting the termite inspection I didn’t find any signs of termite activity in the yard, which isn’t uncommon. Termites… [Continue Reading]

Termites - Meadowbrook

Termite Inspection – Loganlea – Termite nest found with thermal camera

I received a phone call from a customer in Loganlea wanting a termite inspection as soon as possible as she knew she had termites (white ants) under the house and I was able to book the termite inspection for the next day. This lovely customer in Loganlea kindly pointed out where they knew they had… [Continue Reading]

Nick Wood - Manager

Termite Inspection – Algester – 4115

Contact Nick Wood on 3343 3934 or 0432 721 715 now… Recently we received a call from a customer in Algester wanting a thorough termite inspection for her home. We let her know she had rung the right company as Conquer Termites are very thorough when it comes to termites or white ants and definitely… [Continue Reading]

Termite Inspection - Algester