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5 Tips for termite protection
January 08, 2018 by Conquer Termites - Brisbane South Central

5 Tips for protecting your home against termites.
Checking for termites in a wooden pillar with a screwdriver.

1. Check Indoor Timber

Check all accessible indoor timbers are sound by gently probing them with a screw driver. If the timber is infested with termites it will be soft and the screw driver will penetrate the timber easily. You can also check that the timber is sound by tapping it. If the sound is clear and crisp the wood is healthy, if you hear a dull thud it could be infested.

Indoor termite inspection.

2. Visual Check

Termites bring moisture into the wood they infest which can cause discolouration, bubbling of paint and other visual irregularities. Do a quick visual check of all the timbers in your home. Pay special attention to the wet areas of your home such as the kitchen, bathroom and laundry as the moisture of these areas makes them an ideal location for termite colonies.

Checking for termites in wooden furniture.

3. Furniture and Contents

Termites can form colonies around house hold furniture. Make sure to regularly check behind furniture close to walls such as lounges, bookshelves and television cabinets. Furniture in storage is especially vulnerable.

Inspecting outdoor debris, stumps and gardens for termite activity.

4. Outside The Home

All wood in a 50 meter radius of your home should be inspected for termites. This includes fences, stumps, gardens, trees, out door furniture and any wooden debris you may have around your home. Outdoor structures such as laundries and outhouses should be inspected thoroughly as they are a common location for termite colonies.

Termite specialist checking the roof for termites.

5. Floor / Sub Floor / Roof

Your roof, floor and sub floor are ideal environments for termite colonies due to their obscure location and potentially high humidity. However, these areas can be dangerous to access so it is advised that you seek the help of a professional to inspect them.

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