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Termite Treatment

Industry-leading termite solutions, applied by qualified and licensed professionals.

At Conquer Termites South Central, we believe in keeping you up to date through all stages of termite treatment. We will inform you of any immediate or impending damages caused by the termites, the scope of the termite colonies, and the treatment we have planned based on your home's current termite situation.

Watch the video to see our Conquer Termites team explain the termite solutions we provide to homes throughout Brisbane.

Qualified and Licensed

Our termite technicians have many years of experience and have undergone rigorous training to achieve industry-leading qualifications and licenses.

These licenses permit us to apply a wide range of trusted termiticides such as Termidor, Termidor HE, Altriset Termiticide, Biflex Termiticide, and more.

Combining this expertise with knowledge of the South Brisbane area, our team will provide you with the best treatment options based on your type of home, environmental conditions, and the location of the termites. This ensures long-lasting termite protection.

Conducting a Termite Treatment

The two conventional methods of protecting your home against termites are baiting stations and liquid treatment barriers. Both methods are effective, trusted, and common in the industry. Choosing the right method depends on the behaviour of the termite colony and the property in question.

Liquid Soil Treatments

The soil around the base of the home or pillars supporting a structure is treated with a termiticide such as Termidor or Altriset. Different termiticides will affect the termites in various ways. For example, some termiticides are repellents. These chemicals are designed to deter any foraging termites before they reach your home. Other termiticides exterminate termites and entire nests by poisoning termites that pass through the soil.

Baiting Stations

Baiting stations are placed in the ground near the perimeter of your home approximately every 3-4 metres. These stations are effective ways to intercept termites before they reach your home. They are safe and visually hidden beneath the ground. The stations are filled with food and a termiticide to attract foraging termites and subsequently poison any termites that come into contact with the station. The poison is passed on from termite to termite, effectively neutralising the entire nest.

Each situation is different and the right treatment methods vary for each home. If you are concerned about termites in your home contact Nick Wood from Conquer Termites South Central today.

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