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Parkinson Termite Treatment – NO job too hard for Conquer Termites
December 2, 2011 by Conquer Termites - Brisbane South Central

Termite Treatment - Parkinson

Recently we were contacted by a home-owner in Parkinson. He had previously had a termite treatment done on his property by a well known local Pest Control company. In their yearly termite inspection, they had discovered that the termites had returned and had an active nest in the front yard (remember – old sleepers used as garden barriers are a very inviting meal for uninvited house guests).

The home owner in Parkinson rang Nick for some professional advice.

Nick started with a full pest inspection. Using his thermal imagine camera, as well as his other tools, he conducted a comprehensive search for termite workings. Fortunately there were none yet in the customer’s home. A full Termite Management Treatment was still the recommended course of action (to prevent a termite infestation) and the team got started right away.

To install the Termidor treatment he had to carefully lift up about 20 metres of pavers, dig a trench to remove the crusher dust. Then he applied termiticide to the soil at the bottom of the trench. He added screened soil (it’s best to use a sandy loam), and then applied more termiticide to the soil.

Then we cut a small line in the deck to pull up the existing floorboards, adding soil under the deck. We soaked the area in Termidor, saturating the soil and providing plenty of protection in that area (always be aware of areas like this, that are harder to get access to for termite inspections. You want to be very thorough with them).

Which led to one very satisfied customer, who was moved to email us this glowing testimonial (emails like this make our day, boosting all Conquer Termite Technicians. It is wonderful to feel appreciated when we work so hard to meet an exacting standard of work).

Nick Wood Conquer Termites Manager

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