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Termite Inspection – Browns Plains – Thermal Camera Finds Huge Nest
May 18, 2015 by Conquer Termites - Brisbane South Central

It was a fine Sunday afternoon when we received a call from a worried customer in Browns Plains who knew they had termites inside the house and was happy to book a full termite inspection for Monday morning. The customer showed us where the white ants had entered the house and found unfortunately for our home owner they had placed some bed slats next to the garage wall for about 3 months and termites had entered the house behind these timbers.

We found another two entry points into the house and could also see termite mudding in the ceiling timbers which is not a good sign. While we were inspecting the roof void we could certainly see termites eating the roof trusses. This was a complete shock for the home owners but we then started the process of eliminating the termites.

As we started using the thermal camera we could see a big glow in the garage walls. (Please see footage to the bottom) Sometimes termites can break away from the main nest and create their own nest inside the house as they think it is a big tree. As you may or may not know when white ants are nesting inside a house the outcome is not good and they will be doing a lot of damage. We always recommend to install a termite barrier around your home before termites make it their home.

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