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Termite Inspection – Coopers Plains – 4108 – Termite attack days before Christmas.
January 3, 2013 by Conquer Termites - Brisbane South Central

Termite Inspection - Coopers Plains

It was 2 days before Christmas when I received a call from a worried customer wanting a termite inspection in Coopers Plains. The customer in Coopers Plains had just found termite (white ant) damage in the door frame of the main bedroom. The door had actually fallen off and there were three other spots termites were attacking.

Termite inspections in Coopers Plains should take around one and a half hours to complete. If you think you have found termites inside your house or in the yard, I know it is very hard not to but please do not disturb or spray them, call Conquer Termites and a professional termite inspector will be there to help.

Termite inspections in Coopers Plains should be carried out using a good thermal imaging camera. Some customers believe if they have concrete around their house they are safe from termite attacks. Unfortunately, termites love being under concrete where it is moist and dark, perfect conditions for termites.

Termite Treatment - Coopers Plains - Damaged door

One sign that you definitely have termites (white ants) or termite damage in your house is when the paint starts to bubble and if the timber collapses when you touch it. Conquer termites is highly experienced in termites in Coopers Plains and we are Termidor accredited if you need to go ahead with a chemical treatment.

If you would like some professional advice call your local termite inspector Nick Wood on 3343 3934 or 0432 721 715.

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