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Termite Inspection – Sunnybank. Termite nest found behind toilet wall
July 12, 2012 by Conquer Termites - Brisbane South Central

A couple of weeks ago I was contacted by a worried customer in Sunnybank asking for some professional advice on timber pest (termites, white ants). The concerned customer in Sunnybank was worried about her floorboards and had noticed small termite damage in various spots throughout her house. The customer was in the process of getting quotes for termite control so I talked her through the services Conquer Termites can provide and how we will conduct a very thorough termite inspection & how we install a termite treatment.

I received the call the next day to go ahead with the termite inspection and chemical treatment. After the termite inspection was completed we only noticed some floor boards had live termites (white ants).

Now it was time for our favourite tool in the termite industry the Flir E50 thermal imaging camera to come into play. After looking at most of the walls, I came into the toilet and to my amazement saw a huge glow coming from the wall. Please see photo to the right.

This picture was taken through the tiles and Termidor foam was used to eradicate the live Termites, (White Ants). Please feel free to view the actual footage of how the thermal camera found the termite nest. If your local termite inspector does not have a thermal camera he could have missed this amazing and damaging termite nest.

As all home owners should be concerned about termites we strongly recommend annual termite inspections.

Nick Wood Conquer Termites Manager

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