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Termites Completely Destroys House in Bethania
October 7, 2014 by Conquer Termites - Brisbane South Central

Termite Inspection - Bethania

Termites completely destroys
house in Bethania.
How Scary

It was a lovely day in September when I received a call from a worried customer in Bethania wanting a thorough termite inspection. After talking to the customer in Bethania for a couple of minutes he told me the house next to him had to be completely demolished as termites or white ants had destroyed it. In all my years working as a professional termite inspector this is the first time I have ever heard or seen this happen.

It is very rare that termites (white ants) will completely destroy a house with out the home owner seeing any signs of termite damage. Our customer in Bethania had no signs of termites in the house but he wanted to book in a full termite inspection just for peace of mind. Conquer Termites will always recommend to stay very vigilant against termites, so if you haven’t had a full termite inspection in the last year or so please call us now.

After speaking to some of the neighbours about the destroyed house they told me that the house had some under pinning done about 18 months ago. Under pinning is when the concrete sinks and a specialised company cuts holes in the concrete and injects special concrete to stop it from sinking. I do believe the termites entered from the cut concrete and destroyed the whole house in 18 months. Unfortunately no termite damage is covered by any insurance company, so this poor home owner in Bethania has no house and the massive expense of re-building.

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