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Conquer Termites is your local Termite Inspection company in Calamvale. We are very experienced with termites (white ants) within Calamvale. On Average we will conduct 3-5 termite inspections in your lovely suburb. Calamvale is about 20 years old so over time big trees have been cut down and tree stumps haven’t been ground out which means termites can nest inside them with out you even knowing, right in your back yard.

Termite control in Calamvale can be done in a few different ways and different companies will specialise in different ways. We always recommend to have regular termite inspections to keep termite damage to a minimal. Don’t wait until those destructive white ants are feeding on your skirting boards or window frames. A couple of recommendations by termite inspectors in Calamvale are to keep all gardens away from your house and keep all moisture issues under control.

Termites are always concealed in their own workings or mud tunnels. Most customers in Calamvale who encounter termites inside their house only realise they have termites when they accidentally hit their skirting board or even worse when termites have done structural damage to weight bearing beams, top plates or your roof.

If you would like some professional advice on termite control on your home in Calamvale please call Conquer Termites on 3343 3934.

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