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Conquer Termites is your local termite Inspection Company in Parkinson. We are very passionate about finding termites (white ants) in your suburb. Termite inspections in Parkinson are recommended because most homes are low set which means termites will find timbers inside your home a lot easier. Most yards in your suburb will have 3 to 4 termite colonies around your house at any one time, but you will never see them as they are concealed in their mud tunnels.

When you find termites in your house unfortunately it is too late. This is when you should have a full termite inspection with report done so a professional termite inspector can identify any other termite damage. Termites in Parkinson will always be a major problem as we don’t know where most termite nest are. Most home owner don’t realise termites take to flight once or twice are year to start new colonies.

Termite control will never be eradicated but you can definitely do your very best to keep termites out of you home. If you do spot termites in your yard don’t disturb them and ring your local termite inspector Nick Wood for a some professional advice or even better book in a full termite inspection on 3343 3934 or 0432 721 715

Conquer Termites offer a free half hour Termite check for a “specific area of concern” and will provide professional advice.

Full & Comprehensive Pest Inspection & Report

Do you want to gain “peace of mind” and benefit from the knowledge that your precious home is free from live pest or white ants? Then don’t wait any longer, get your home thoroughly inspected by our accredited Termite Inspector today.

Our fully trained and skilled Termite/Pest Inspectors will inspect the roof space, sub-floor, exposed timbers, perimeter, fence line & backyard. With every pest inspection, the Tramex Moisture Multimeter is used. This enables our Pest Inspectors to identify any high moisture in timbers.

Higher moisture content can indicate pest/white ant activity as they have a moistened trail and also dampen their feeding front. If we believe you might have active termites/pest but there is no visible evidence, then we can suggest using our Borescope Lens to check inside voids. All of our Pest/White ant Inspection are carried out using latest technology Thermal Imaging. This is an wonderful machine and adds another peace of mind for the home owner.

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