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Conquer Termite South Central is your local Termite Control Company in Coopers Plains. All of us live, eat, work and enjoy life in Coopers Plains. We’re truly your local pest treatment and termite protection company. Also we are one of Brisbane’s top Timber Pest Inspection (Termite – White Ants) and Pest management specialist teams. Conquer Termites offers you the expertise and encounter to bring an individual peace of mind in the battle towards termites/white ants.

Conquer Termites offer a free half hour Termite check for a “specific area of concern” and will provide professional advice.

We specialise in Termite (White Ants) Detection, Protection and Treatment Plans.
Houses in Coopers Plains encounter significant termite (white ant) attacks. Normally, Conquer Termites would conduct a termite barrier to a precious residence in Coopers Plains on a weekly basis. It is difficult to put an exact number of properties that are getting attacked as well as damaged through termites/pest within Coopers Plains, and we definitely aren’t the only company installing termite barriers in this region, but it will be higher than the majority of suburbs inside Brisbane.

Explanations why we install Termite Treatments in Coopers Plains:

  • The housing stock was mostly built 25 – 30 years ago. The building method was mainly slab on soil with the external brick wall below the surface of the dirt. This allows hidden termite/white ant entry into your house. Also, a lot of the original Termite control programs have expired.

  • As Coopers plains is a more establish area, so can be the gardens & landscaping. What this means is there will be very old tree stumps & big trees that could be harbouring a white ant/pest nest in your garden or your neighbours.

  • High percentage of park-lands that have a large number of native eucalyptus trees that might harbor termite nests. This is particularly so becoming so close to the Beryl Roberts Park and a very small creek which runs through Beryl Roberts Park & Brittain park.

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